It’s been awhile

Let’s take it back to awhile ago. When the desperation of my life was mentally killing me and emotionally draining me. At this moment, I see a reflection in the mirror. Not really sure as to how to handle that. I take that back, I have learned the skills to handle them. But has the person learned to act on them? Not necessarily. A person can learn skills to handle situations. But that doesn’t  mean the person will act on them. We all have characteristics that define how we react to things and how we handle them. When something new is introduced to your life, the usual you will react the same typical way it knows how.

But when that person learns skills to overcome certain challenges. It know has to make decision. Go with the usual reaction or use the skills and go the unknown route. Most of us, will follow the usual reaction.It’s understandable. It’s what you know. It’s your comfort to uncertainty. A very small percentage of us will choose to use the skills. That’s a scary thought. To stand up to yourself and face it the way you know you should. I have a decision to make. I am terrible at making decisions. I have the skills and know exactly what to do. However, am I brave enough? I have yet to figure that one out.


… I also didn’t realize how emotionally attached I was to my family…


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