Midnight Thoughts

It has taken me awhile to feel capable of loving again.. Maybe it has been fear. Fear of the unknown.. the overwhelming thought of changing life. My mind had been set on a specific dream or thought. It has been changed now. Now, I feel alive. I feel like giving every ounce of my soul to someone new. It feels weird. But it feels amazing. To have someone to have my back, to have my support. Someone to be my rock. My mind.. my mind thinks too much. It wonders to much. It questions too much. It hopes for reality, but dreams uncertainty. It holds on to the moments, but questions the future. Why? Once upon a time,i had this dream, but my dream was shattered. Now, I have a new dream, a different destination in life…

You.. you have taken me to another place. To a place of hope.. I have prayed for you for a long time..and now you are here. Our biggest battle is me. I want everything you want. I sit here and think back on the memories we have created together and I smile. You, you have made me vulnerable to it all. You have done something that almost seemed impossible. Thank you, for doing this. I love you baby.. I really do..

09.07 6:07pm


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