Greetings! From the land of no return! haha… Blogging has inspired me to be something great! If the 28 followers that I have really read this, well thank you! And to the random ones that fall unto my page.. thank you as well! I have obtained some critical information about myself in the last few months; and it’s definitely time to share them!

  • The habits we form as children don’t make small differences, rather they make ALL the difference!
    • —> Our minds are machines that remember subconsciously everything we feel or have experienced.. it molds us to be the people we are today. A little tender loving care is what we need to be who we really want/need to be!
  • Spending too  much time on our own can affect not only your mental health but your heart health as well.
    • —>This is also true, because I spend a lot of time dwelling and feeling on my own. When it came time to detach myself from it, it left me a little dizzy for some time.
  • Fear always shouts ” No, no, no… stay right where you are because although you may not like it, at least you know the rules to the game.”
    • —> Sometimes we feel stuck, but are too afraid to move past that moment. We become comfortable in the situation and don’t realize that fear is telling us to stay. LET GO!
  • Wisdom tells us that the better we understand something, the more logically we will be able to deal with it.
    • —> The better we understand ourselves, and the better we get the situation the more apparent it will to be us what the right course of action should be. Dwelling/ Suffering shows lack of understanding.
  • Throughout life when undesired change happened and I resisted it, or when desired change didn’t happen when I wanted it to, I suffered.
    • —> This is probably one of my favorite examples. There is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain is brought to us without explanation. Such as, when a family member passes away, or when we hurt ourselves unintentionally. Suffering is when we know change has happened and we choose not to go with it. We allow ourselves to suffer because we get stuck on an emotion.
  • Sometimes it’s not just holding on to wonderful memories of the past that keeps us from creating a new life today, it’s clinging to old hurts, wounds, resentments, regrets, disappointments from the past, and, yes, expectations for the future.
    • —> It’s very difficult to create a new life when a person is still dealing and feeling the old one. Sometimes, we have to open our eyes and realize that time waits for no one. Sometimes we forget that this is true. Let Go, and Let God!

Lastly, I have to give Thanks for my therapist that suggested I read The Art of Uncertainty. Greatest psychology book I have ever read!



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