The Year 2014… It’s Almost a Wrap!

A heart-stirring glimpse into the hardships of life, and the God who wants to restore the ravaged souls of His children. (Psalm 23:5)

When 2014 started I thought to myself.. This year feels like it will be a tough one. But I had a feeling that 2015 will be MY YEAR. And my prediction was pretty accurate. Life’s hick ups challenged me again. I failed. I failed drastically. But I also succeed internally, mentally, educationally and my soul has been slowly rescued. Every day,month and year that passes by has really taught me who I am. The person I was to become.. They say that bad situations in life are blessings in disguise. I can sometimes agree with that. I have succeed deeply in life because I believe that God has really held onto my hand. He has been able to guide me and protect me. I spend many times doubting myself and believing I was incapable of doing good things. The negativity and sadness that lives in me, will slowly continue to fate. Thank God for that! It’s not always easy but it must be done. Let the Lover of your soul restore it. (Psalms 23:5) I sometimes trick myself and have low moments when I feel like I can’t function. But something always brings me to the light. I’m ready for it.. Darkness, you have been my friend for far too long. I can no longer live in you. I must stand up and live that life God wants me to live. 2015, I know you will be MY YEAR because I have been searching for you for a very long time. In 2015 I will accomplish what I wanted to accomplish many years ago. 2015 will be my greatest year because I can finally believe that I can and I will. 2015 will give me the answer to everything I have been questioning for the past few years. 2015 will allow me to grow and start again. And Lord, because you have blessed me in so many ways I am thankful for you! 2015 will start with a bang!!! And I can not wait… 🙂



Leaving the country in 19 days! 2015 Vacation to start the year off right!! Blessed…


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